F2 Design is dedicated to ensuring that high performance house designs and integrated sustainability responses are delivered as a matter of course with no impact on housing affordability especially when life cycle costing is considered. Admirable architecture combines aesthetics and performance seamlessly, minimising environmental footprint while maximising joy.

35 years of building design experience and early adoption of energy rating tools places F2 as a leader in the field of energy efficient house design. Tim Adams has investigated zero energy design responses for a number of years and was the instigator of the highly successful 10 Star Challenge in 2011 when President of the Building Designers Association of Victoria.

Houses that have high performance passive attributes are more comfortable to be in and reduce running costs at the same time as minimizing environmental impact. A little consideration at conceptual design stage will reap rewards in money and pleasure for the life of the building. If the objective is given appropriate priority at the outset it is possible to create homes that have little or no running costs. This is a good result for all but of most benefit for people on fixed incomes.

We are happy to provide as little or as much input to any project with the overarching premise that any contribution will add significantly to the end result by any quality or value judgement.

F2 Design provides Thermal Performance Assessment (energy rating) of single dwellings and multi apartment projects to individual clients and as part of multi-disciplinary consultant teams.

NCC/BCA compliance for part 3.12 and Section J requirements are provided to ensure energy efficiency is achieved in the most cost effective way.

Integrated sustainability assessment and reporting

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